Web Agency in Stockholm, Sweden

Trafficlight is a web agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We create modern and well designed websites powered by WordPress to forward thinking organizations, brands and companies.

We are passionate about thoughtful design, coding with technologies of the future and always focusing on the Clients' business value.

Passion and perfection

If there was no web, we would be the ones to invent it. Though, now that the web already exists, our mission is to contribute in making a web that is beautiful, user-friendly and just all-round better for everybody. That’s why we are creating websites with both passion and perfection. We don’t leave anything up to chance and we don’t give up until we are completely satisfied. As our customer, you’ll feel safe and know that your website is state-of-the-art.

We Create New Web

Our way of creating websites is what we like to call New Web, which means:

  • Thoughtful design and function
  • Modern code and techniques
  • Focus on business value
  • Friendly towards search engines

Thoughtful design

Design is not only about what is good and bad looking, but also about how it works. That’s why we put time into figuring out what kind of elements the website will have, and why, at the dawn of every project. Who are the visitors and what do we want them to do? After assessing this we create a design that is clear, user friendly and grows business value.

Modern code and technique

We keep track of all the new techniques and trends on the web and code with those in mind. The mobile web is growing rapidly, and today, more people than ever surf the web from a mobile device. That is why we create Responsive Designs – designs that automatically adapt to any screen size and device.

Every website is an investment

We think of websites as investments for our customers. Our websites directly or indirectly contribute to increasing company sales, strengthening the brand. That’s why we focus on business value.

Spearheaded search engine optimization

Today, most clients are aware of the fact that having a website when no-one can find it is pointless. When you choose Trafficlight, you are choosing a web agency with spearheaded competence in search engine optimization. We know how to make websites rank the highest in search engine results. This combined with the power of social media, will give your website the best prerequisites to improve traffic.

Ps. Trafficlight was established in 2008 by Martin Peterffy, who has previously worked as a web developer. He has also worked as a consultant in search engine optimization and traffic generation – and during his career, he assisted some of Sweden and Europes biggest websites, such as Svenskaspel.se, Pricerunner.se, Hitta.se, Tradera.se, Lensway.se, Prisjakt.nu to name a few.